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Vol. VII Official Crow Movie Merchandise

The following is a list of The Crow official licensed merchandise, sold through Kitchen Sink Press. The first 27 items were first offered for sale in June 1994 via a special 8-page Crow merchandise catalog. In the spring of 1995, KSP sent out a 1-page double-sided mailer to its Crow Club members. This "special offers" list featured 9 new Crow collectibles, some exclusive for members. Many of the items offered were in advance of availability in retail stores. Finally, in 1996 another flyer was sent out promoting merchandise for The Crow: City of Angels movie, and featuring 4 new Brandon Lee Crow posters. All of these items are now long out of print and most are fairly difficult to find.
1. The Crow book
2. Poster No. 1
3. Poster No. 2
4. Poster No. 3
5. Poster - Door
6. Poster - Metal
7. Postcard Set
8. T-Shirt No. 1
9. T-Shirt No. 2
10. T-Shirt No. 3
11. T-Shirt No. 4
12. Baseball Cap
13. Bandana
14. Knit Cap
15. Ski Cap
16. Key Chain
17. Leather Jacket
18. Denim Jacket
19. Silver Rings
20. Cloisonné Pin No. 1
21. Cloisonné Pin No. 2
22. Sticker No. 1
23. Sticker No. 2
24. Temporary Tattoos
25. The Crow: The Movie Book
26. Trading Card Foil Packs
27. Trading Card Uncut Sheet
27.* The Crow soundtrack (CD & cassette. *In a re-pressing of the catalog, this item replaced the trading card uncut sheet).

1. The Crow videotape and card
2. The Crow videotape, signed
3. The Crow Pendant
4. New poster
5. Ceramic coffee mug, black
6. Ceramic coffee mug, white
7. T-shirt No. 5, long-sleeve
8. T-shirt No. 6, short-sleeve
9. The Crow serigraph by James O'Barr

In addition to the 4 new posters, this flyer also offered previous catalog items that were still in inventory - the pendant, both coffee mugs, the serigraph, The Crow movie book, The Crow book, knit cap, ski cap, signed videotape, the silver rings, door poster and the Crow sticker No. 2.
1. Poster Bran 1 (no. 7)
2. Poster Bran 2 (No. 8)
3. Poster Bran 3 (No. 9)
4. Poster Bran 4 (No. 10)

Five Kitchen Sink Press publications offering The Crow merchandise. From left, 70-page Summer 1994 catalog, 8-page 1998 Official Crow movie merchandise catalog, 1-page double-sided 1995 Crow Club flyer, 4-page 1996 Crow Club flyer, and unknown catalog. All of the merchandise has long been sold out. Click on any image to enlarge.

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