Vol. III - Memorabilia & Miscellaneous

Lakeview Cemetery, Seattle Washington U.S.A.

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Photo of the inscription from Brandon Lee's grave in Seattle. Below are three more photos - the original basic gravestone, a 1994 letter posted by the Cemetery explaining that new monuments were being made for Bruce and Brandon, the current site, and stone bench in front of grave with inscription from Linda and Shannon. Click on any photo below to see an enlargement.

All photographs ©1993-1997 Mike's Brandon Lee Page

Lakeview Cemetery map

1. Sea-Tac Airport   2. Lakeview Cemetery

Driving directions from Seattle-Tacoma International airport can be found Here.

Lakeview Cemetery detail

Location of Bruce and Brandon's gravesites. The red star is the entrance to the cemetery, the red dot is the location of the sites.