Vol. IV - Press Kits and Lobby Cards

Rapid Fire press kits

Several different variations of press kits were issued in advance of the 1992 theatrical debut of Rapid Fire. The first issue, which is the scarcest, was sent out on June 30th and consisted of a folded 11" x 17" brochure printed on heavy paper stock. The front and back covers featured large photos of Brandon while the inside spread included shots of the movie and the headline "20th Century Fox introduces you to Brandon Lee - The Action Hero of the 90's." It contained a cover letter, three B&W publicity photos, and three matching color 35mm slides.

The second issue was sent out on July 23rd, distributed in both the U.S. and Canada. A more deluxe version, it came in a white folder with the color text logo on the front. Different assortments of stills and slides were included, along with many pages of press notes. Many of the press kits that appear on the collector's market are missing the 35mm slides, probably due to several reasons, including newspapapers and magazines that used them and perhaps filed them away with other slides. It is also assumed that some of these kits were issued by the studio without slides. Other pieces are commonly missing from press kits as well, often due to pilferage or sloppy storage as they change hands over the years.

In the introductory letters, the first press kit announced the Rapid Fire release date as August 14th , while the second issue announced it as August 21st.

First issue

Cover letter, front cover, inside, and back cover of the scarcer first issue Rapid Fire press kit.

Three B&W stills were included, along with three matching color slides.

Second issue

The front of the folder, the U.S. introductory letter and the Canadian introductory letter.
The 7-page cast and credits list, 2-page movie summary, and 18-page director and star biographys were exactly the same in all variations of the second issue kits.

rapstils.jpg - 12194 Bytes

Two different packets of photos appeared in both the U.S. and Canadian issues, one marked "5 Stills", and one marked "7 Stills".

RF-5 (omitted in some kits)
RF-6 (omitted in some kits)
The seven B&W stills. Kits that included only five photos omitted numbers RF-5 and RF-6.

Two slightly different sets of 8 color slides were included with the second issue kits. The first included slides numbered RF-C-1 through RF-C-8.

The second included slides C-2, C-3, C-4, C-7, and C-8, along with three others not in the first variation, numbered as RS-123, 143, and 4544. Four different photographers were credited for the slides, Robert Isemberg, Naoni Kaltman, Ron Slemzak and Luke Wynne.


Three of the Rapid Fire promotional color slides. The photo in the center is of Brandon practicing at his home.

Vol. IV - Press Kits and Lobby Cards