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The Crow Soundtrack promo

The Crow (Die Krähe) soundtrack promotional Audio Press Kit CD, Germany (Buena Vista TC-19). Includes seven movie dialogue cuts (in German), five interview tracks including one of Brandon, and one song by the Stone Temple Pilots. Limited edition, issued 1994.


Audio clips from movie (in German)

1. Die Seele findet keine Ruhe! (The soul does not find peace!) 0:27
2. Ich will, daß Du mir eine Geschichte erzählst! (I want that you tell me a history!) 1:01
3. Und ich sage, ich bin schon tot! (And I legend, I am already dead!) 1:17
4. Die Beschwerde! (0:37)
5. Ich weiß nicht, wer ich bin! (I do not know who I am!) 2:09
6. Jetzt nochmal von vorn (Now again from the front!) 0:40
7. Du wirst denken, ich bin verrückt! (You will think I am moved!) 0:53

Interviews (in English)

8. Brandon Lee 1:57
9. Ernie Hudson 0:49
10. Alex Pyoyas (Director) 1:26
11. Edward R. Pressman (Producer) 02:37
12. James 0'Barr (Author/Illustrator) 1:44


13. Stone Temple Pilots: "Big Empty" (4:50)

Vol. VI - Video, Laser, DVD, CD and Cassette