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The Crow: Complete Interactive Collection

A comprehensive CD-ROM that gives insight into the making of the original graphic novel and both Crow films. Issued in 1996 For Macintosh© and Windows© systems. This is the only authorized Brandon Lee related CD-Rom ever made.

Based on the comic book series by James O'Barr and the films The Crow and The Crow: City of Angels, this CD-ROM features behind-the-scenes footage and clips from both Crow films, interviews with cast and crew members, previously unreleased film footage and both film trailers. Includes unique and never-before-seen material, like the infamous Skull Cowboy sequence, cut from the first film but available for the first time ever on this CD-ROM. Plus, a QuickTime Virtual reality cathedral and excerpts from the films' musical scores. Exclusive photographs, movie stills, production designs, storyboards and interviews reveal the behind-the-scenes creation of the films.

Issued in a 8" x 10" box, the set included an "Exclusive Collector's Edition James O'Barr Sketchbook" titled Visions. This CD-Rom has been out of print for quite some time as is no longer available from the manufacturer.

The Crow CD-Rom

The front cover and disc.

The following story was printed in a video trade magazine in November 1994, and describes the original ideas planned for an interactive computer game and CD-Rom:

With 'Crow' Game, Philips Flies Beyond CD-I

Looking beyond its home-grown CD-I format, Philips Media Games will release a growing number of original titles in competing multi-media formats during the next year.

One of the first to be announced is a multi-media game version of the high-flying feature film The Crow.

"Ten percent of our titles were released in formats other than CD-I in 1994", says Chris Dudas of Philips Media Games. "That's a trend that will increase with more and more of our original titles in 1995. We fully intend to grow into a multi-platform publisher".

Dudas says some titles might not be released in the CD-I format at all.

"As a publisher, we do not have to be platform-dependent if the market or individual property calls on us to adapt," he says.

In the case of The Crow, the recently formed Content, Inc. will develop the interactive property for distribution by Philips in the spring of 1996. Content was founded last month by producer Edward. R. Pressman, whose film company produced the movie.

"Philips made a strategic decision to go cross-platform, and we believe The Crow will give them their biggest breakthrough release," Pressman says.

Using its November Burn: Cycle interactive movie release as an example, Dudas says Philips will release the title on CD-I first, with Macintosh and PC CR-ROM versions to follow.

Pressman says that Content is still assembling the development team that will produce The Crow, bit promises that the interactive game will remain as true as possible to the gothic mood seen in the film.

When asked whether he anticipates any problems producing the game since the film's star, Brandon Lee, died and is not available to participate, Pressman says Content is already cooperating with Lee's estate to ensure that the actor's presence remains strong in the interactive release.

- By George T. Chronis

Vol. VI - Video, Laser, DVD, CD and Cassette