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The Crow Blu-ray DVD's

The Crow Blu-ray DVD

Released in 2012, the Blu-Ray comes with a 1.85:1 aspect ratio and in widescreen format. Among the special features on the Blu-Ray there is a Digital Copy, along with an audio commentary from director Alex Proyas who oversees the technical aspects of the film's making, working around Lee's footage. There's also a Behind the Scenes Featurette that ports over old footage from the initial VHS release, as well as mixing in new interviews with the producers and director Proyas. There's "A Profile of James O'Barr" that features a candid thirty minute interview with the man who invented The Crow premise who discusses his troubled life as an orphan and his history with art and anatomy.

Along with that there are a series of extended scenes, a montage of deleted footage from the original cut of "The Crow" featuring a character called Skull Cowboy, a gallery of ads from the original press coverage for the film, a still gallery from the production designer, a gallery of script boards, and the original theatrical trailer. Still as excellent after one hundred viewings, "The Crow" is a timeless gothic action horror film with brilliant writing, brilliant performances, and an absolutely excellent director behind the camera to deliver a truly gut wrenching tale of revenge.

The Crow Blu-ray DVD VHS Retro Edition

A Blu-ray edition of The Crow featuring a VHS retro slipcover was released in 2018.

The Crow Blu-ray DVD U.K.

Blu-ray "Collector's Edition" of The Crow from the United Kingdom, released in 2017.

The Crow Blu-ray DVD Wooden Box Edition from Germany
The Crow Blu-ray DVD Wooden Box Edition from Germany

A Blu-ray edition from Germany, packaged in a wooden box, was released in September 2015. 1500 copies were produced.
The included Mediabook DVD with padded cover was also released without the wooden box (see below).

The Crow Blu-ray DVD Mediabook edition Europe
The Crow Blu-ray DVD Mediabook edition Europe

Blu-ray 3-disc "Mediabook" Edition of The Crow from Europe. Featuring a Blu-ray, DVD, and CD of the original soundtrack, this EuroVideo release with a padded cover includes behind the scenes featurettes and has a run time of 101 minutes. With English language and subtitles available, this movie is Region B for Blu-ray and Region 2 for DVD, making it accessible to audiences in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Japan.

The Crow Blu-ray DVD combo USA

A DVD combo release, featuring Blu-ray and standard DVD's, was released in the USA in 2015.

The Crow Blu-ray DVD Canada

Bilingual Blu-ray / DVD combo release from Canada.

The Crow Blu-ray DVD Japan

Blu-ray DVD release from Japan.

The Crow Digibook Blu-ray DVD Portugal

Digibook Blu-ray DVD release from Portugal.